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Driving Directions

From Burgaw: Take US 117 W. towards Wallace.  Once entering Wallace, go about 5 miles.  Franks' Seafood Company will be on the right.

From Clinton: Merge onto I-40 E. toward NC 24 E/Wilmington. Turn right onto NC-11.  Turn right onto E. Southerland St. /NC-41. Turn slight let onto N. Teachey Road/ NC-41. Take the first right onto East Main Street/NC-41. Take the third right onto N. Norwood St/US-117. 632 N. Norwood St. is on the right.

From Wilmington: Merge onto I-40 W going towards Benson/Raleigh, then take US-11 N. exit, EXIT 390, toward Wallace.  Then turn left onto US 117 and go about 5 miles. 632 North Norwoodd Street is on the right.

**Franks' is on a four lane road which is diagonal from Kentucky Fried Chicken**

**Franks' Seafood Co. is just past E. Westbrook St. If you have reached E. Lanier St. you have gone a little too far.**